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The Nordy Club

Double Points is on!
May 2-12

  • 6 points per dollar

    with a nordstrom credit card

  • 4 points per dollar

    with a nordstrom debit card

  • 2 points per dollar

    as a Nordy Club member

It's bonus points time!

Nordstrom credit cardmembers will earn 6 points per dollar, debit cardmembers will earn 4 points and members will earn 2 points on purchases made in stores or online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook during our event Thursday, May 2–Sunday, May 12.

Not Part of the Nordy Club?

Earn points by joining The Nordy Club as a member (it's free!) or apply and get approved for a Nordstrom credit card to become a Nordy Club Insider automatically.

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